About Dr. David Hart

Dr. David Hart is a trained clinical mental health counselor with a decade of clinical experience working with people with dementia and their families.  Dr. Hart was formerly the Director of Education at Alzheimer’s Family Services Center – a state-of-the-art adult day health care center affiliated with Hoag Hospital’s Neurosciences Institute. Currently, Dr. Hart is Director of Clinical Services at Hart 2 Heart Senior Services and a faculty member in the Department of Counseling at California State University, Fullerton.  Dr. Hart is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.

Source: Hart 2 Heart Senior Services

The Benefits of Learning How to Do a Cartwheel

At Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary, our training is focused on physical, mental, and social development. Gymnastics exercises, such as learning how to do a cartwheel, offer a variety of benefits that go well beyond the gymnastics mat.

Our knowledgeable Athletica Gymnastics instructors have compiled a list of the top benefits of learning how to do a cartwheel.

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Elderly Care: Learning to Reframe Regret in Later Life

In an effort to provide exceptional elderly care and senior services at Hart2Heart, I regularly attend conferences. Last week I traveled to San Francisco to present two research posters at the American Psychological Association’s National Conference and found myself attending a panel with famed existential psychologist Dr. Irvin Yalom. A preeminent scholar-practitioner of the 21st century, Dr. Yalom wrote several New York Times best-selling books, including the seminal text for group psychotherapy, and most recently, his memoir.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Dr. Yalom speak at several conferences over the years but this was qualitatively different; he is now 87. He discussed his life and famed career from the mountain top – looking out over his many accomplishments. Yet, the most emotionally stirring part of his talk was his disclosure that despite his successes across the lifespan, he still had unfinished emotional business from his past. Recalling a recent experience with a client’s childhood trauma, Dr. Yalom found himself staring at pictures of his own childhood home in the background; his family-of-origin in the fore.  Out of nowhere, he reported, tears began to flow. Dr. Yalom asked himself, “where are these tears coming from?”

Sitting in the audience I found myself considering the older adults I work with at Hart2Heart in Scottsdale and throughout Arizona, and the tears that frequently flow from the reservoir of regret.

Source: Hart2Heart

Kelowna Personal Trainers Share Weight Training Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common chronic pain, which can range from dull discomfort to intense pain. Our personal fitness trainers at OneLife in Kelowna have experienced a wide variety of clients with minor to severe back aches or chronic back conditions. There are several reasons our clients experience back pain, but studies show weight training exercises can reduce or even prevent back pain.

Our Kelowna personal trainers always strive to implement and customize specific workout programs for individual clients. Since back pain is a common concern, our personal trainers have shared their top weight training exercises to help reduce back pain.

Source: One Life Health + Wellness

Autumn Event Ideas From Kelowna Party Rentals Company

Autumn may not officially be here yet, but it’s in the air. Leaves are starting to change colour, your kids may be back in school and the air is fresh and crisp. If you’re like us at All Occasions party rentals Kelowna, you’re already starting to plan your next Fall themed party.

Fall is a great time to plan an outdoor party in Kelowna. As the season progresses, it’ll only get more and more beautiful outside. Using the natural beauty of your own backyard mixed with a few fall decorating ideas can make for an unforgettable time this season. The experts at All Occasions have compiled a few fall party themes for adults to help you throw an amazing occasion this season.

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Social Media Photos: How To Take Pictures That Capture People’s Attention

At Hiilite we work with many Social Media Influencers to help make their feed stand out.

Kelowna Photographer Portrait Photography

In this post we will uncover some of the ways our professional photographers go about achieving artistic portraits for our clients. While you may not have an expert photographer on staff, the aesthetic of hiring an expert photographer near you can not be undervalued. A great photo helps communicate the message of the influencer or brand that much more as it captures eyeballs.

How do we create images for social media that tell a story and elicit an emotional connection?

Source: Kelowna Photographers Studio At Hiilite 

Fall Wine Festival

Join The Cove Lakeside Resort as we celebrate the Fall season and Okanagan wine with the 10 day Annual Fall Okanagan Wine Festival. The Okanagan Valley is renowned for its world-class wine and picturesque vineyards.

Discover an array of wines including crisp whites, rich reds, rosés, sparkling, and fruit wines, crafted and grown from local Okanagan soil. Wine Enthusiasts, if you’re attending events, make the most of your Okanagan Fall Wine Festival when you stay at The Cove Lakeside Resort.

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