Lighting & Lamborghinis

Hiilite photography recently had the opportunity to shoot some stunning Lamborghinis right here in Okanagan Valley. We love automotive photography and couldn’t have been more excited to shoot Ryan Fipke’s Lamborghini collection.

Ryan is the proud collector of six Lamborghinis varying from the classics to the flagship Aventador. We reached out to him to photograph these Italian beauties and he was all for it.

Our first shoot with Ryan was a memorable experience. He wanted some photos of his 1997 Diablo and his 25th anniversary Countach. These are iconic classics; one of our photographers even had a poster of a Diablo on their wall as a child. We shot these two cars in daylight at his house. We shot with our Sony A7Riii and Sigma Art 24-70mm F2.8 for this and managed to shoot without a tripod. Read more>

Source: Hiilite Photography

Hiilite Makes Headshots Easy

Headshots don’t need to be scary.

Nervous about your upcoming headshot? The fact is, you’re not alone! Everyone initially despises the idea of getting their portraits taken. The awkward standing in front of a stranger in a studio wondering “what the hell do I do with my hands?” But save the fear for the dentist office and let’s talk about getting your headshot done in a stress-free environment. Read more>

Source: Hiilite Photography