The Story Behind “Santa Claus”

Contrary to popular belief, Santa Claus was not created by the beverage behemoth, Coca-Cola. The story of Santa Claus dates back to sometime around 280 A.D in a location that is now known as the country of Turkey. Here lived a monk that went by the name of St.Nicholas, who was admired by the locals for his generosity and kindness.


Source: Santa’s Mail Bag

Short Hair Don’t Care – Short Hairstyles for Women

Been thinking about taking the plunge to short hair? Short hairstyles for women have never been more popular and regardless of your hair type there’s a short style that’s right for you. Contrary to what you may think, short hair is actually quite low maintenance and easy to style once you get the hang of it. Read more >


Source: Plan B HQ Kelowna

How We Started in the Okanagan Valley & Have Grown with Helicopter Tours

That red Ikon chopper you see flying the Okanagan skies has been taking guests across the Valley, seeking out the greatest destinations this land has to offer, since 2015. In that short period of time, we have learned so much about the hidden treasures that make each tour unique, taking trips to spots you would never see otherwise! Locals in Kelowna already can appreciate the landscape and natural beauty that make this the best place to live, but to the uninitiated it might just sound like a stepping stone on the way to a big city.


Source: Ikon Adventures Kelowna