The Lock (East), Stock (West) and Barrel Kelowna Wine Tour

Start the day at Summerhill winery with a behind the scenes tour of the flat and sparkling production area. This is a unique and exclusive tour that is only for small groups. We will do a walking tour of one of the only certified organic vineyard in BC, and learn about biodynamic processes and how they relate to winemaking and go inside the pyramid and learn about the 30 days every one of their wines spends in here and why.


Source: Free Range Tours

Ready for two weeks of killer workouts?

If you want to get into Orangetheory, but haven’t taken the plunge yet, this is the limited time offer for you! Get a 2-WEEK UNLIMITED PASS for $49, meaning you get all the classes you can take for the entire two-week period. We want to get Kelowna fit, and for people wanting a true high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, Orangetheory has it down to a science. Our workouts will give you a lasting burn that carries on over a day after your workout! Feel the “afterburn” with the motivation of a group workout, join us today!


Source: Orange Theory Kelowna

A Truly Okanagan Experience For Two

Starting it all off, take your significant other to Cactus Club, one of Kelowna’s premier restaurants overlooking Okanagan Lake in the heart of downtown. With $100 to spend, you can go all out on this meal — enjoy the wine and dine experience without ever worrying about the wallet hit. Get the surf and turf with a glass of red, or enjoy a fresh pasta with all the extras piled on, the Cactus Club has something for everyone.


Source: Ikon Adventures

Expand Your Spa Service Menu and Boost Profits

If it is time to offer your clients more options at your spa, The Centre of Wellness has a multitude of relaxing and revitalizing online skills to enhance your repertoire. Many of your regular clients enjoy visiting your salon to minimize the effects of aging, treat themselves to some pampering and enhance their overall aesthetic. We offer a plethora of practical training courses to enable practitioners to expand their spa service menu and increase profits.


Source: Centre of Wellness