Celebrate the best things in life with a Helicopter Ride in the Okanagan!

We meet all types of people, celebrating all types of occasions – from spontaneous adventures to methodically planned proposals and wedding entrances and exits. From our own experiences, and living through the experiences of our customers, we’ve come to one conclusion – said best by an unknown author: “The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.” Read More > 


Source: Ikon Adventures Helicopter Tours

Getting a Divorce? What You Should Consider

No matter how your relationship now stands, getting a divorce takes an understanding between both parties. Mediation is a more civilized method of organizing a divorce, which allows both parties to communicate in the same room with a mediator on hand to walk through each step of the process mutually. This avoids the court system and puts the decisions back in the hands of the parties involved. Read more >

Source: Family Mediation Center Kelowna

Add Swedish Massage Techniques to Your Spa Practice

Imagine being able to perform one of the most recognized and relaxing bodywork techniques available. Swedish Massage utilizes long, gliding strokes to facilitate a soothing, oxygen enriching and therapeutic treatment. Beneficial for helping the body release accumulated toxins and enhancing flexibility, this technique additionally increases the oxygen levels within the blood. Read More >


Source: Centre of Wellness

Passionate Blooms Kelowna Will Provide Exquisite Detail For Any Event

Passionate Blooms is dedicated to enhancing special occasions within the Okanagan by using individual’s style, inspiration and the freshest product to create a visual dream. We will stylize your corporate space or most memorable occasion by providing high quality, innovative flowers designed in a modern way. Imported and local, we use only the freshest blossoms.


Source: Passionate Blooms

Always Best Care – South Bay in Full Compliance with Consumer Protection Act of 2013

The Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act of 2013, which became effective on January 1, 2016, was intended to promote consumer protection for elderly and disabled individuals who hire private aides to come into their homes to assist with everyday activities, such as transferring, toileting, bathing, and dressing. The law for the first time provides for the licensure and regulation of non-medical Home Care Organizations (HCOs) and requires registration of Home Care Aides (HCAs) with the California Department of Social Services (DSS). For the last six months, Always Best Care – South Bay has been planning to meet all of our legal obligations under the new law. The agency is proud to report that as of January 1, 2016, we are in full compliance with all regulations established by The Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act, which are detailed in the following paragraphs. Read More >


Source: Always Best Care – Torrance

iSight Optometry: UV Eye Protection in the Okanagan

Living in Kelowna and the Okanagan in general, we are fortunate to enjoy copious amounts of sunshine. While many of us often remember to use sunscreen on our skin or wear a hat, it is vital not to forget to protect your delicate eyes. Short term and long term UV radiation exposure can dramatically influence your eye health. The caring professionals at iSight Optometry on Harvey Avenue want to help ensure you and your family do not suffer from compromised vision. There are many eye conditions that may be caused or worsened by UV exposure including… Read More >

Source: iSight Optometry