Ikon Adventures: Wine Tours in the Okanagan

Wine tours are a hallmark of our gorgeous Okanagan Valley. Our dry climate and mad skills have catapulted the Okanagan wine industry onto the international stage. Tasting the variety of notes and becoming educated with a fun and informative Sommelier can be an amazing way to spend time exploring all our region has to offer. Imagine an unforgettable wine tour experience as you load up onto our intimate helicopter and jet set to another winery! Read More >


Source: Ikon Adventures

Common Areas of Conflict in Kelowna Couples

Although all relationships are different, spouses frequently experience several common areas of conflict. Expert Mediator, Daniel Mandelbaum, describes some of the typical issues that spark conflict in marriage from his years of experience in mediation in Kelowna, BC. Read them here >


Source: Family Mediation Center Kelowna

Dog runs: what do you think?

Zeldi just had a great play session with an adolescent border terrier who lives a block away from us. They had a very animated game, their playing styles were matched really well.

Both the handler of the border and I were able to call our dogs back to us and they were also able to sit near each other while we were having a conversation.

The first question out of the border handler: Do you ever take Zeldi to the dog run?

I know this person has taken his puppy to the run regularly. Then he confessed: We had a very bad incident about 6 weeks ago and I got so scared that we are not going back. It turns out that the border terrier got overly stimulated and grabbed on to another dog and would not let go…they tried to separate the dogs but in the process other dogs got riled up and everybody got bitten. Read More >


Source: Dog Relations New York City