Happy Dental Visits for Kids Dr. Sandy Crocker

Establishing a positive relationship between dentist and child from the very first introduction will help create an atmosphere of trust and a lifetime of happy dental visits. We strive to maintain a relaxed and welcoming family-friendly dental office at Dr. Sandy Crocker, Dr. Peter Mitchell & Associates. The Canadian Dental Association recommends booking your child’s initial dental visit by the age of one year or within 6 months of the first tooth appearing.


Source: Dr. Peter Mitchell & Sandy Crocker

Expanding Room for Your Nifty New Smile in Kelowna

If you or your child has a narrow upper jaw, Orthodontic issues can arise.  Often, larger adult teeth have no room to grow into place straight and secure.  Dental crowding can result and cause a host of problems for your jaws and your bite. Align Ortho in Kelowna can assess your child’s mouth to see if they would benefit from wearing a tiny appliance known as a palatal expander.  This appliance takes advantage of unfused bones in the palate and can be used to widen the upper jaw during your child’s natural growth process.


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Okanagan Engagements: Ikonic Helicopter Proposals End in “Yes”

Let’s fast forward to that moment. Future You is about to propose in the restaurant you had your first date or at your favourite beach spot. Sounds nice, right? You get up the courage and finally ask the question. It’s a beautiful moment. (Of course it is, you’re in love!). You’re both staring at each other with “love eyes”.


Good work. You proposed successfully(we hope she said yes!).


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Am I the right person for mediation? | Kelowna Divorce Mediation

However you word the query, the question remains essentially the same. Is there a definitive profile describing individuals who would be good mediation candidates? Are there simply couples who have no real issues to negotiate, having reached agreements in all substantive areas? Or is it those individuals who are still friends, having just drifted apart over time?  Or maybe it is the couples who have no assets?  No money?  No children?


Source: Family Mediation Center Kelowna

Helicopter Companies Serving Kelowna

If you haven’t heard of helicopter tours and adventures, then where have you been?

Most-likely, you’ve heard of heli-tours before but have never experienced one for yourself. In that case, you must be itching for some real adventure. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hovering off the ground, zooming over a beautiful Okanagan view, and landing in a unique place – with a great natural backdrop for photos!


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